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Portable Character Type UV Monitor / UV Detector

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Portable Character Type UV Monitor / UV Detector


The Ir-Rawaddy Dolphin, also known simply as the Rawaddy Dolphin, originally lived from the northern areas of Australia throughout Southeast Asia.
Unfortunately, today their numbers have dwindled and now only a small minority of Rawaddy survives.




Have high efficiency digital UV sensor
Rawaddy is a micro UV monitor that can measure and display ultraviolet rays amount to digital numerical value.

Small and cute cellular phone mate
Rawaddy is cute character goods harmonizing by key ring as well as small cellular phone accessory.



  1. UV sensor
  2. UV Index seven-segment display
  3. Power/UVI measurement button
  4. Strap loophole for key ring or mobile phone strap
  5. UV Index chart ("WHO" standard Chart)
  6. Battery compartment



  • Product dimension (H x W x D) : 44 x 27 x 11mm (1.73 x 1.1 x 0.43 inches)
  • Product weight : 6g(0.2ounces) without battery
  • UVI range : 0~11 (10 : H, 11 or above : E)
  • Operating temperature : 0~60°C (32~140°F)
  • Power : 3V

Seven Segment LCD display

0~2 Low 0~15 PA+
3~5 Moderate 16~25 PA++
6~7 High 26~35
8,9,H Very high 36~45
E Extreme 45~
Note. The above chart is general guidance as to the Sun UV rays. Use the above chart for your reference.

Function & Use Ⅰ

 UV Index level check (Level 0~ Level 11 or above)

The UV Index level is "WHO (World Health Organization)" Standard

Possible to check the SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

SPF index level means off effect on ultraviolet rays B. If SPF index level is high at sunblock cream, it means that the sunblock cream stands the stronger ultraviolet rays. If SPF index is "1" numerically, there is effect that protect UVB about 15 minutes. For example, must make up sunblock cream every 2~3 hours actually for effective ultraviolet rays cutoff, although SPF 30 protects UVB for 450 minutes(7 hours 30 minutes) numerically. Because sunblock cream is diluted by sweat or water.

Function & Use Ⅱ

Effective skin protection from Ultraviolet Rays

When use sunblock cream, to use SPF index and PA index rightly to UVI level can minimize skin trouble. If SPF and PA index use high level ,woman of sensitive skin becomes major cause of skin trouble.

Easy to check the UV Index anywhere and anyplace

1) Easy to carry the unit size(2.7cm X 4.4cm X1.1cm)
2) Easy to check UV Index anyplace and anytime

For mobile phone accessory & key ring

Possible to use the Character for mobile accessory, key ring and etc., except UV index monitoring



How to check UV Index using UV-100

1. Direct the UV sensor toward the Sun and press the measurement button.
2. After pressing the measurement button, the LCD will flicker for about three(3) seconds before the UV Index will be displayed and it will then be displayed for approximately eight(8) seconds.

Note1: If you can not see the LCD display clearly because of the sunlight, please shade the unit with your hand after pressing the measurement button.
Note2: The UV index measurement may not be correct if you are checking the UV index when indoors or when in a automobile with the windows closed. (anywhere the unit does not have access to direct sunlight)

UV-100 Package & Proposal Price

  • Price : $7~8 (Ex-works Condition) / possible to negotiate the price depending on the quantity
  • Color : Pink, Blue, White
  • Manufacturer : H&K Infocom Inc.
  • Origin : Seoul, Korea
  • Contents : UV-100 1pcs + CR2025 Battery 1pcs + Manual 1pcs + Mobile phone strip 1pcs + Key ring strip 1pcs